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InterIMAP: Requirements January 20, 2009

Posted by atmospherian in InterIMAP.

This post will serve as the official requirements documentation for the InterIMAP library. Please comment on this post with your suggestions for further requirements.

Core Requirements

  • Multi-threaded, multi-connection, asynchronous processing
  • Ability to support multiple accounts simultaneously
  • Ability to detect and retrieve only new messages for any or all folders
  • Ability to receive and save all file attachments, and message content
  • Ability to read/write messages in EML format
  • Optimized single process/connection synchronous client for repeated, specific purposes

Storage Requirements

  •  Provide 3 storage mechanisms: Virtual, Physical, Database
  • Ability to store folder and message data in memory temporarily
  • Ability to store folder and message data including attachments in a file on disk that can allow a mailbox to be cached, and to make that data portable.
  • Ability to store folder and message data in a relation database such as SQL Server, so that the data can be easily shared among other applications without having to distribute a local cache file, or stream the data to other services.
  • Ability to use Physical and Database storage mechanisms concurrently. 

API Requirements

  • Provide clean and clear interface to IMAP protocol
  • Provide easy to use Request/Response system
  • Provide clean object model


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