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InterIMAP: Async Update March 11, 2009

Posted by atmospherian in InterIMAP.

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1. David - May 9, 2009

Hey, thanks for your work on this…. just discovered it. I’m curious if you could post a few samples of how you use this? Maybe a run through of pulling in a list of messages from a particular folder and then reading that message?

I’m wanting to create an application for my 4 year old son so he can safely send and receive email to me while I’m at work. I’ll be restricting who he can send to and receive from and using a Google Apps (gmail) account.

Thanks again!

2. David - May 9, 2009

[ignore me] Just including email so I can get follow up comments. [/ignore me]

3. David - May 16, 2009

Still curious if you have any samples of how you use this library in your code.


atmospherian - July 9, 2009

There are two projects in the solution, one GUI and one console that demonstrate how the library can be used. The GUI version shows how the library is best used in asynchronous scenarios where the UI must continue to be responsive while IMAP commands are processing, and the console (IMAPShell) shows how the library can be used in a more synchronous way where execution of the program waits for IMAP commands to finish. Depending your project and how you intend to use the IMAP library either of the methods (or a combination thereof) could be useful to you.

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