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InterIMAP Redesign Notes January 6, 2009

Posted by atmospherian in InterIMAP.

The time has come for me to continue work on InterIMAP. I have many changes and improvements planned for this library that will improve its usability. In an effort to flesh out my ideas and implementation, i will be putting together different posts for each topic that needs exploration. I welcome all comments and suggestions from those few of you who find their way here. 

To kick things off, here is a partial list of the features i am planning to implement or improve (in order of priority):

  • Better code structure utilizing more standard patterns
  • Completely Asynchronous client API
  • Improved offline cache system based on a ‘mailbox’ file that will contain the configuration information, messages and attachments in a zip format. This will allow an entire mailbox to be portable between different systems.
  • Build a basic graphical client to demonstrate the new asynchronous API and other features
  • Compatibility with Mono so the library can be used on Linux, Mac OS X, and any other supported platforms. 
  • Convert the graphical configuration editor into a component that can be dropped into any application.
  • Build a second configuration component based on WPF that can be easily customized. 

My next post will go into detail about what i plan to do about the code structure and how i intend to refactor, and reorganize everything.



1. Anonymous - January 9, 2009

sounds really great. for the moment i have no more need for an imap lib. but i’m always looking on InterImap whats going on.

so glad to hear that there’s still progress on it.

kepp up the great work!

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